Top Careers to Consider if you’re Creative

If you’re a creative person, the thought of spending your days behind a desk in an office may make you shudder. Perhaps you love to paint, draw, write, or entertain and interact with people. Or maybe you’re not sure what your passion is, but you know it’s not crunching numbers?

Never fear – Job Centre Australia can help you find your true passion and work towards achieving a meaningful career. There are many different types of jobs suited to creative people, and possibly some you may not have even thought about yet!

To get you started on your journey, here we’ve put together a list of careers to consider if you’re creative.

If you love… People

  • Picasso once said that “Every child is an artist”, and there truly is nothing quite like a child when it comes to creativity. A career in childcare enables you to nurture this creative nature of children while educating on valuable life skills, and even having the opportunity to sing, dance, play and create art together.
  • Retail is another great choice of career if you love interacting with people. To further feed your creativity, you could look to work in a store specialising in products like fashion, accessories or home décor.

If you love… Art

  • Art galleries and libraries are wonderful places to experience the beauty of all different kinds of art (yes, books can be art too!), and the good news is they employ people of all different skill sets. With roles ranging from customer service, to administration, to cleaning, maintenance and more, they can offer a great career for a creative person – giving you exposure not only to art, but enabling interaction with like-minded colleagues and customers who also appreciate it each day.
  • Graphic design is another career to consider if you love art. Businesses right across Australia and the world enlist graphic designers to develop creative campaigns to sell their products or services. You’ll need to study and learn specific tech skills for this role, and Job Centre Australia can help guide and support your education toward a career in graphic design.

If you love… Food

  • A career in hospitality can really suit a creative personality. You could look at a traineeship towards becoming a Chef or baker, allowing you to get creative in the kitchen with flavours and colours, or you could work in customer service, engaging with the public and making for a really fulfilling workday. The social interaction can have wonderful benefits for your mental health.

If you love… Animals

  • If you feel a soul connection with the animal world, a job in a pet store or working with animals, such as on a farm or in a zoo, could be just for you. Whether they’re soft and cuddly, feathery or scaly – there’s beauty amongst our animal friends that could satisfy any creative. Many of these roles involve interacting with customers as well, giving you the opportunity to share your passion and knowledge of animals with others.

If you love… Music

  • Bars, clubs and Event Centres right across Australia host live music, so why not look at employment in one of these types of venues? From bar tending, to serving food, to working in their administration, events or marketing teams – what a reward it could be to immerse yourself in the world of live music each day at work.
  • Music production, DJ’ing and Music Centres can allow you to tap into your love of music, whilst sharing the joy and knowledge you have with others. Whether it may be selling instruments in a music store, or playing a great playlist to get people on their feet at a special event, there are always ways to weave your passion and interest into your career.

Did any of these ideas speak to your passions? Job Centre Australia is here to support you on your journey towards securing meaningful employment, so reach out anytime to discuss how we may be able to help you.

We offer our candidates behind-the-scenes access to different local industries, to learn more about what’s involved and to decide what type of career would best suit their interests and skill sets.

Through our ongoing partnerships with RTO’s and vocational institutions, we also offer career progression pathways and support for all of our candidates, so they can work towards achieving their own personal career goals suited to their passions.