JCAL thanks Club Southside for ongoing commitment to inclusion in the workplace

 It’s through our strong partnerships with inclusive employers that Job Centre Australia helps candidates achieve meaningful, long-term careers – and Stephen Bullard from Brisbane’s Club Southside a remarkable example! 

 JCAL’s ongoing partnership with Stephen has seen Club Southside offer six of our candidates employment opportunities, enabling them to gain vital workplace skills and work towards achieving their own personal career and life goals. 

Stephen works closely with our trainer, Denis, to understand staff barriers and to implement adjustments that have given our candidates the best chance of ongoing, meaningful employment. Stephen’s attitude towards giving people a go is exceptional, and as a result, the club have secured some incredible, hardworking employees. 

Thank you Stephen, for your inclusive approach to recruitment and management of your staff, and we look forward to working with you and the Club Southside team for many years to come!  

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