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Golden Opportunities

We’re Proud to Partner with McDonald’s

Job Centre Australia is proud to partner with McDonald’s Australia through the Golden Opportunities program to support McDonald’s ‘good neighbour’ vision. Together we provide viable workforce solutions for employing people with a disability.

As a preferred partner of McDonald’s Australia, Job Centre Australia’s Golden Opportunities program has placed hundreds of clients with an injury, illness or disability into employment opportunities within McDonald’s restaurants across the East Coast of Australia.

Interested in participating in Job Centre Australia’s Golden Opportunities program?

Job Seekers

Golden Opportunities helps Job Seekers with a disability, injury or health condition to find a job with McDonald’s. We assist you to learn the job and provide personal ongoing assistance, so you keep the job!

With over 900 McDonald’s restaurants Australia-wide, McDonald’s is always looking for motivated, passionate people to join their crew.

McDonald’s owners and operators

Golden Opportunities is growing and needs your help!

Currently partnered with 200+ restaurants across NSW, QLD and VIC we are looking for new partners throughout all regions of Australia.


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